Expansion Joints

C/S parking joints are designed to eliminate problems associated with standard parking joints. C/S Zip Block seals install quickly without messy elastomeric concrete C/S KB and PTC Metal covers can handle constant rolling loads without breaking or loosening.

XLS exterior covers are virtually invisible on seismic applications. Perfect for concealment in curtain wall finishes up to 9/16" thick (supplied by others). Covers release from one side for full seismic movement and return to closed position

Interior or exterior seismic metal covers are designed to provide four-way movement. Covers remain flush during typical thermal movement. A heavy duty model is available for rolling loads.

The APF floor cover is designed to hold up in applications with heavy rolling load traffic. This cover works with most floor finishes and requires little maintenance.

Virtually invisible seismic floor covers for interior and exterior applications. Designed to accept a variety of floor finishes and handle multi-directional movement.

When an expansion or seismic joint passes through a fire-rated structure, it is necessary to maintain the fire integrity of that structure.