The quality program provides the means to assure.
  • That requirement is properly identified in the planning phases.
  • And effectively accomplished in the construction phase.
  • And properly transferred to the client upon completion.


  • Quality control aims to determine that quality work and quality deliverable did occur after work was done.
  • Quality control is conducted by Inspection and testing of materials, workmanship and product.
  • Quality control is all about conformance to requirements.

What we can do to maintain quality?

  • Planning for quality control i.e. identifying where control is to be exercised and to what extent or frequency.
  • Identifying the relevant reference standards e.g. the technical specifications applicable.
  • Calling up on the QA/QC staff’s attention/ notice when ever a new activity is planned.
  • Informing the QA/QC engineer upon delivery of material.
  • Reporting test result to all parties concerned for the materials that we are supplying.
  • Submitting the method statement & following it while execution.

The benefits of
sound quality management :

Quality means survival "Business as usual" is simply not an option!

Higher productivity

Lower overall costs

Less waste

Less hassle

Less rework

Greater customer satisfaction

Various steps to achieve Quality

  • Errorless execution is the goal
  • Define requirements
  • Understand the project's production system
  • "Do it right the first time" planning
  • Planning the work so that deliverables satisfy the client’s requirements and can be produced right the first time.

Prevent non-conformance

  • Identify root causes of problems
  • Attack problems not the people.
  • Bring problem to the surface so they can be examined without delay.
  • Take action to prevent reoccurrence by adjusting faulty requirements, work plans, sequence, delivery of resources, etc. Methods and systems

Quality Management

  • All pertinent documents for this contract will be controlled in accordance with document control procedure, as laid out by the monitoring agency, which will ensure effective recording and review.
  • All documents, drawings received from Architects / consultants will be submitted in soft and hard form as per stipulated procedures.
  • These documents will be through Transmittals.