Its natural element of our environment. It takes very little energy to manufacure compare to other metals used in equialent building enelope application. Rooled Zinc is unique in that it reacts to the main components of the atmosphere by creating a self-protective coating. Zinc can easily last hundred years . Rolled zinc isalso 100% recyclable 7 95% of its is effectively recovered and re-used in different areas of application.

Aluminum Cladding

Aluminium Façade , corrosion resistance , Insulated , Ventilated , Fire resistance , & wind load performance syatems.

Dri Design tapered cassettes can be angled in any direction with varying depth and degree of slope. With all Dri design , the Tapered cassettes is apatented design that install much faster than any other system. There is no seals or gaskets, so it is easily maintained.

Dri-Design Flat

Dri-Design Flat putented design instals at least twice as fast as most comparable systems and can be direct Tix or ventilated cavity cassettes. No scalants, gaskets or butyl tape in the cassette joints, means no dirty streaks or a legacy of maintenance for the building owner.

Dri-Design Tapered

Dri-Design Tapered cassettes can be angled in any direction with varying depths and degree of slope. This freedom to design each specific cossette glves you an unlimited capacity to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind surface on nearly any façade without the need to modify the substrate or weuther bartier.

Dri- Design Shadow

Dri-Design Shadow cassertes let you add depth and definition to any architactural design. Individual panels can be extended at varying depths to create texture or a dynamic variation in patterns, all while keeping the substrate and weather barrier in the same plane.

Dri-Design Perforated

Dri-Design Flat, Tapered and Shadow patented design cassettes can be perforated using advanced computer baced manufacturing to create complex images using perforations.