Screw Down Profile

Screw-down metal roofing, also referred to as “exposed fastener” and “through-fastened” roofing, is essentially a corrugated metal roof held together with many exposed screws that hold the roof in place.

  • Aluminium
  • Life Long Protection
  • Light weight
  • Roofing system


The feed material is manufactured out of nominal Base Metal Thickness (BMT), Hi-Tensile steel with min. 550 MPa yield strength, metallic hot dip coated with Aluminium-Zinc alloy (55% Aluminium, 45% Zinc) as per AS 1397 - Zincalume AZ150 (Min. 150 gms/ total on both sides) with Various Paint quality .


Various Zinc Coating and sheet thickness , with colour options.

polycarbonate Sky light Systems

  • chemical & Fire Resitance
  • 1.5 mm , 2 mm , and many more
  • sky light roofing systems .
  • With Tourbo vent's base plate .
  • With warrenty .

PVC roofing Sheets

  • excellent chemical resistance
  • weather and UV resitance
  • fire resistance
  • impact resists


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • High fire resistance
  • PALRUF HYG: Active hygiene
  • Will not rust or corrode Ideal for arched roofs & curved walls
  • High impact - Resists breakage
  • Easily handled, quickly installed
  • Requires minimum maintenance

Klip Lok Profile

Decking Sheets & Stud Wielding

commonly used as part of a composit floor slab , where the decking acts as both permanent formwork & tensile reinforcement (sagging) in the bottom of the slab.

Shear Studs are welded through the decking trough onto the beam flange.